Taopey Vaults: an on-chain trading experiment

Democratized AI meets Permissionless Trading

This is a very high-risk, real-time trading experiment, executing (non-backtested) trading strategies based off the BTC/ETH trading signals on Subnet #8 of the Bittensor Network This is purely for experimentation and fun to evaluate the signals generated by the network. Not financial advice.

The experiment runs on Perpy Finance as it provides permissionless access to onchain liquidity with in-depth statistical insight on the experimental strategies. Using Perpy's unique non-custodial copy trading vaults, while anyone can gain exposure to this experiment in a permissionless manner, you're highly discouraged from doing so. By depositing funds in these vaults, you take 100% responsibility for your actions and acknowledge that you understand the risks and that you can lose 100% of the funds.

🔐 View on-chain performance of the BTC OG Vault 🔐 View on-chain performance of the ETH OG Vault